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At REHABILITY, Robert Chickara, DC specializes in treating back and neck pain conditions with chiropractic manipulation therapy, including advanced mechanical traction and decompression therapies. Dr. Chickara implements diversified adjusting and mobilizing techniques with a strong focus on structural and spinal correction.

By realigning the spine and relieving pressure on sensitive nerves, discs, and vertebrae, most patients experience fast ease of symptoms in the neck, back, arms and legs. Dr. Chickara’s primary concern surrounds each individual patient’s comfort and well-being. Chiropractic treatment at REHABILITY is relaxing, painless and most patients are sure to leave the practice feeling better.

Innovative Techniques for Pain Relief and Mobility

While many patients seek traditional chiropractic manipulation therapy, there are several other specialized techniques provided by Dr. Chickara,¬†chiropractor based on each patient’s individual needs. Some of these advanced techniques include mechanical traction therapy (flexion-distraction) and spinal decompression therapy, both of which are performed digitally on cutting-edge equipment.

Common Conditions Successfully Treated (not limited to):

  • Herniated/Degenerated Discs
  • Pinched Nerves/Sciatica
  • Spinal Degeneration/Stenosis

Dr. Chickara also provides instrument adjusting via the unique “Impulse” device, developed by Neuromechanical Innovations. Chiropractic adjustments with the Impulse adjusting instrument are automated, repeated thrusts that feel like a light tapping sensation with minimal force on the area being treated. In most cases, the application is tolerated extraordinary well, while facilitating pain relief with improved mobility and function.

This innovative treatment tool allows patients to experience similar benefits of traditional chiropractic care, should there be any contraindication or apprehension with manipulative therapy.

Integrated Chiropractic Care Philosophy

As part of Dr. Chickara’s collaborative approach based on condition, patients have the option to include both physical therapy and/or acupuncture services to further enhance their response to treatment. Whether assisting in accelerated pain relief and healing or for an added focus on muscle relaxation and conditioning, patients have the opportunity to receive the overall benefits from multiple specialties on the same day and within the same treatment plan.

Since each patient is unique, specific treatments and techniques may vary from case to case. Following an initial evaluation, Dr. Chickara may recommend digital X-rays (if necessary) be performed on-site to aid in the accuracy of diagnosis while determining the most appropriate care plan for optimum results.

Since every patient’s life is impacted differently by the status of their health, Robert Chickara, DC is committed to helping you get the relief you deserve and the mobility and strength necessary to resume an active lifestyle.¬†For more information, Contact Us Today at Freehold, NJ Center.

Robert Chickara, DC

“In recent years, chiropractic care continues to evolve favorably, as seen in the recognition and acknowledgment of our specialty by more medical and osteopathic physicians. As an increasing number of patients continue to seek chiropractic care, whether for injury or wellness, their positive experiences and favorable outcomes are being shared and witnessed by their other physicians.

While our practice offers an opportunity to integrate multi-specialty treatment based on condition, patients are always presented with options for care. When a patient is referred to our practice by another physician for a specific service, we honor that direction of care.

It has been a pleasure to develop several professional relationships with local physicians who share the same patient-centered vision and understanding of the clinical benefit of working together in the best interests of our patients.”

Dr. Robert Chickara, Clinic Director

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