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Flexion-Distraction Traction

How Does Flexion-Distraction (Traction) Work?

Flexion-distraction (traction) has become one of the most widely used conservative approaches to treating low back pain, including symptomatic disc injuries involving both back pain and the often-accompanying leg pain. This technique involves the use of a specialized table that gently distracts or stretches the spine, allowing the doctor to isolate the spinal area of involvement, while slightly flexing the spine in a gentle “pumping” rhythm. While briefly lying on your stomach, these actions move the disc away from the nerve, reducing inflammation of the nerve root and eventually the associated pain and inflammation into the leg. There is no pain involved in the treatment and in fact, most patients report relief of pain almost immediately.

The Benefits of Flexion-Distraction (Traction)

A series of Flexion-Distraction treatments may also facilitate improved posture and range of motion in the lower back and pelvic region. Treatment sessions are brief, comfortable and may be a suitable option for those with high levels of pain or acute back injury that are unable to tolerate other techniques. Flexion-Distraction also increases circulation around the spine, discs and spinal nerves, all while gently stretching the back and buttock region.

Common Conditions Treated with Flexion-Distraction (Traction):

  • Low Back Pain
  • Herniated/Bulging Discs
  • Facet Syndromes/Degeneration
  • Pinched Spinal Nerves
  • Sciatica

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