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REHABILITY of Freehold introduces the New MICROVAS Healing System!

Symptoms of Neuropathy

  • Numbness, altered sensation
  • Tingling or burning Shooting pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Loss of balance, coordination
  • Difficulty walking

Do You Suffer From Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral Neuropathy is a nerve disorder known to affect millions of people throughout the U.S.. It is a complication found in several different medical conditions including Diabetes, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Post Chemo-Radiation therapies and Metabolic disorders being some of the most common.

Underlying the above disease processes is the problem of impaired circulation to peripheral blood vessels, particularly the smaller ones (capillaries). Without sufficient blood flow to nerve tissues, oxygen and nutrients cannot get into the tissues and the waste products of metabolism cannot get out. When functioning normally, nerve tissues receive nutrient rich, highly-oxygenated blood carried to them by capillaries, however they are easily clogged by this debilitating process. The peripheral nervous system eventually becomes distressed and damaged due to starvation and toxicity. In advanced cases of diabetic neuropathy, blood glucose can also damage the walls of these tiny blood vessels supplying nerves, especially those in the legs and feet.

What is MicroVas?

MicroVas is a FDA-cleared, non-invasive vascular treatment system that delivers electromagnetic energy to targeted areas of the body. After years of research, this technology was originally developed to treat Navy SEAL divers for hypothermia. It has since been engineered as a ground-breaking innovation with the ability to address the root cause of neuropathy, often a lack of nerve fiber circulation in the injured area.

MicroVas’ powerful, deeply penetrating waveform causes blood to pump and circulate much more efficiently by significantly raising tissue oxygen levels, resulting in a potent effect on the microcirculation. Studies have demonstrated marked increases in tissue oxygen supply within minutes of initiating treatment. In contrast to other technologies available, this process even results in new capillary formation, laying the groundwork for new tissue growth and repair while accelerating the healing process.

MicroVas also accelerates lymphatic drainage as much as ten to thirty-fold, notably reducing swelling and stimulating the body’s immune response. Its therapeutic effects are often dramatic, long-lasting and our unique approach of implementation is designed to help you achieve optimal results for long-term relief. For more information, Contact us at Freehold, NJ center.

“My oncologist highly recommended a MicroVas program being offered at an  area hospital to treat my Neuropathy. Fortunately, I found it available closer to home at Rehability. The MicroVas combined with all the manual treatments on my legs and  feet by the wonderful physical therapists’ have helped me make a remarkable recovery.”

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