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Thermo-Electro Compression Therapy for Knee and Shoulder Pain

What is Thermo-Electro Compression Therapy?

REHABILITY‘s new Thermo-Electro Compression system (Quad 7) is another safe, fast-acting therapeutic treatment applied in our knee and shoulder pain relief programs. Based on condition, we will determine the most appropriate temperature, whether hot or cold, best suited for rapid healing.

A specialized compression wrap designed specifically for the target area is then applied. When activated, the wrap begins to compress the joint, pressurizing damaged tissues allowing the full thermal effect to reach deeper layers. Shortly after, the pressure is reduced, allowing a surge of healthy blood flow back into the surrounding knee or shoulder joint to further facilitate the healing process.

Many patients report immediate pain relief. By promoting a more efficient phase of pain relief, patients often experience a smoother transition to the strengthening phase, vital in assuring the most favorable outcome. For more information, Contact Us Today at Freehold, NJ Center.

Knee Pain Treatment in Freehold, NJ

“The arthritis in my knee had totally taken over my life from the horrible pain I’d experience day after day no matter what I was doing. I wasn’t ready for surgery and I not comfortable with injections. I was fortunate that a friend referred me to REHABILITY to seek other treatment options. The physical therapists‘ are terrific and their knee rehab program has made me a new person. I cant thank you enough!”

Susan F., Freehold

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