Michele & Ralph M.

March 26th, 2019

Six years ago I moved from Staten Island to Freehold and in need of a chiropractor. I was now 52 years old and not happy about finding someone new. I came across an advertisement of Dr. Chickara’s who was just starting his practice in Freehold and offering a complementary consultation. We met and had a long conversation about my condition. I was very interested because his method of treatment is very “hands on” which is what I was familiar with. Over the last 3 years of being with Dr. Chickara, I not only respect his knowledge but the fact that is also concerned about his patient’s overall well being. I never feel dismissed or rushed but comfortable in knowing he and his staff are truly concerned. There are times when I leave his office after being treated and not feeling well and he has called to find out how I am.

Dr. Chickara is always finding new ways to improve his patients well being with new equipment and technology. He takes the time to explain each new piece of equipment and always makes it clear that he will do what you are comfortable with or whenever you are ready to try something new.

My husband and I are truly grateful for having found Dr. Chickara. We have recommended him to several of our friends and family and they have nothing but praise for the level of care they received. We thank you Dr. Chickara. You are your staff are ACES with us!